The Lemon Co. Franchise Details

Franchise Fee : Php 150,000 with VAT Php 168,000
Initial Term : 3 years
Estimated Investment : Php 418,000
Royalty : 2%
Advertising : System-wide Ad Fund 0.5% of Gross sales | Local Ad Fund 0.5% of Gross sales


About Us:

The Lemon Co. is a juice cart concept that showcases the art of mechanically pressing the lemon fruit efficiently  extracting fresh lemon juice using a commercial grade citrus press. It was established last July 2016 by the company named TERRAGANICS, Inc.,  a company that provides a healthy and fresh alternative for food and beverage in order to promote overall well being to the communities they serve.

Terraganics, Inc. started its business selling cold-pressed juices that they branded as POMONA. These cold-pressed juices were a mix of 5-6 different varieties of fruits and vegetables.  These were distributed to different gyms in the city and at a major supermarket on consignment.   Lemon was always an ingredient in the different recipes due to the health benefits of lemon and at the same time it helped prolong the shelf life of the juices without adding any artificial or chemical preservatives.  At a health food bazaar, the owners decided sell lemonade in addition to their main product line.  The outcome was surprising because the lemonade sold quicker than their main product.    The owners realized that lemonade had more impact on the market due to the following reasons:

  1. It was considerably cheaper than the cold-pressed juices allowing more people to try it.
  2. It was more appealing to all ages including the youngsters since it was tastier and more refreshing compared to the cold-pressed juice.
  3. It was faster to make with less ingredients needed.

After much thought and evaluation,  the owners decided to develop more varieties of freshly-pressed lemonade and make it available in the market.  The first lemonade stand was located at one of the major supermarkets in Cebu City.  The response was overwhelming.

They started with selling just the old- fashioned lemonade with simple syrup made from refined sugar and a few other varieties where they added Torani syrup.  Due to popular demand, they then added Honey as a substitute sweetener and Brown Sugar as an alternative.  People have also been requesting for fresh fruit varieties so the owners decided to discontinue using Torani syrups and started creating their own syrups  made from real fruits, vegetables and herbs.  Presently, they offer 11 different varieties of lemonade.  Hot Lemonade is also now made available at most outlets.

Having five (5) strong outlets in Cebu, they are now ready for expansion through franchising.


The company’s mission is to provide a uniquely satisfying, refreshing and reasonably-priced healthy choice of beverage through our consistent, excellent customer service, delivering quality products   at all times.

The company also aims to help improve the lives of its employees and their families by giving them fair and just compensation and the benefits they rightfully deserve.


The company’s vision is to continue growing its market  and expanding its product lines by continuously innovating and introducing new varieties that will be made available in the market.

The company aims  to penetrate the international market and be a globally known brand in the coming years.

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