My Choice Ice Cream Franchise Details

Franchise Fee : Php 150,000 – unit | Php 375,000 – area (rights to 3 outlets)
Initial Term : 5 years – unit | 6 years – area
Cont. Fee : Php 3,000 – kiosk/outlet | Php 3,000 – area /month/outlet
Space required : 6sqm minimum


About Us:
MyChoice Ice Cream, established 25 years ago, has grown strong roots in Lapu-Lapu City. We have developed this business for the locals and all of Cebu. It is what we can claim a true Filipino brand. We used to produce Ice Cream in a traditional way but because of the increasing demand, we did not settle, we aim for continuous improvement while finding the best and most upgrade techniques in Ice Cream making. We have produced flavors that are not only all time favorites but also classic to our Filipino tastes. We endeavor to develop new flavors to meet the diverse needs of our customers.


To provide filipino-inspired ice cream flavours using only the purest locally available ingredients. To provide a safe, healthy and pleasant work environment to our employees. To help people who want to engage in ice cream business.


To become the leading local ice cream manufacturer and provider of affordable and profitable ice cream franchising business in Cebu

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