Mooshi Green Smoothie + Juice Bar Franchise Details

Franchise Fee : Php 250,000
Initial Term : 5 years
Capital requirement : Php 1.5 Million
Continuation fee : Php 6,000/month/outlet
Space required : 15sqm minimum


About Us:

Want to get more GREENS into your lifestyle, the fun and yummy way?

Leafy Greens are the nutrient factories of the earth, harnessing sunlight to drive life on our planet. Consuming more leafy greens boosts our energy and immune system. It is our body’s first line of defense against diseases. At Mooshi Green Bar, we can get more GREENS into your body through our yummy Green Smoothies, Green Juices, Guilt-Free Treats, Green Sandwiches, Salads, Light Meals and Pasta.

In support of our local farmers, we source all our naturally-farmed and organic vegetables from them.  Each cup comes with freshly blended and freshly pressed vegetables & fruits.  Absolutely NO SUGAR, no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives, no artificial coloring added.  We also employ better cooking methods and use better & healthier ingredients.

Get your Plant Power at Mooshi Green Bar. Go Green, Go Mooshi.

Our Concept is a BAR, designed to feel like one but instead of serving alcoholic drinks, we serve healthy Green Smoothies and Green Juices.  Juice Bars and Smoothie Bars are all the rave in Europe and America.  We Filipinos can be at par when it comes to healthy living!

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