El Bonito’s Franchise Details

Franchise Fee : Php 300,000
Initial Term : 3 years
Royalty : none
Space required : 4sqm minimum


About Us:

El Bonito’s Ultimate Pizza Experience, a home-grown business started by a youg couple in June of 2002. The name “El Bonito” was coined from their first-born son who was just eight months old at that time.

In the early years of oys operations, El Bonito’s marketed and solf their pizza by joining bazaars, tiangges and school events in Manila. After several months, the company was encouraged to put-up pizza carts inside school and company canteens because of the warm and positive feedback on the taste, size and flexibility of their pizza.

To date, the company has various pizza cart outlets in schools and company canteens in Metro Manila. In mid-2010, the company opened its first mall pizza cart at the New Divisoria Mall in Binondo, Manila.

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