Driptea Franchise Details

Franchise Fee : Php 250,000 – Store / Kiosk | Php 375,000 – Area
Initial Term : 4 years – Store / Kiosk | 6 years -Area
Capital requirement : Php 800k – Store | Php 600k – Kiosk
Continuation Fee : Php 4,000 – Store / Kiosk | Php 3,000 – Area (per month & per outlet)
Space required : 12sqm minimum


About Us:

Driptea started a couple of months this year 2019. Located at Sinagtala Presidential Road, Batasan Hills, Quezon City. It’s actually an incredibly tasty drink offered a wide variety of flavors to entice adventurous clientele. Driptea’s best seller in the premium variety is the Oreo Cheesecake while in a classic variety is the Cheesecake Milk Tea. This will be served in a low dose, high dose, and in an overdose Driptea cups at an affordable price and yet flavorsome.

After providing their valued customers with a high-quality taste and one of a kind delicious milktea in town, Driptea started to multiply and have branches in the provinces. Luckily, Driptea is now open for franchise. To mark every customer’s mind, Mr. Lesther I. Gomez the owner, imparts the best line of his business, DRIPTEA “Your Daily Dose of Milktea.”


To provide and maintain the best milk tea made from a finest ingredient to cater society’s needs at their favorite flavor. Thus, to inspire and connect people around the globe.


To create a wide variety of tasty and refreshing milk tea drinks at high quality products for a healthier lifestyle at a reasonable price.

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