Formocha Franchise Details

Franchise Fee : Php 500,000
Initial Term : 5 Years
Capital requirement : Php 1.5 to 2.2 Millions
Royalty : 5%

ABOUT Formocha

About Us:

The founders has been in the café business since 2006. Ever since they tasted Taiwan milktea during the 1990s when they worked there, these delicious drinks has been at the back of their minds and wanted to bring to the Filipinos to experience and enjoy. Upon seeing that milktea is here to stay, they decided to venture into Taiwan milktea business and opened their brand under the name FormoCha Taiwan Milktea offering variety of Taiwan Milktea concoctions, Taiwan Fruit Tea, Pasta and Baked Products. Putting together the two words that describes the drink, Formosa (old name of Taiwan), where bubble milk tea became popular and Cha for tea, hence the portmanteau word FormoCha. The first flagship store of FormoCha Taiwan Milktea was launched last 2019 and is located at Roofdeck Porta Vaga Mall Annex, Session Rd., Baguio City. It became an instant hit. Going forward with the love of the product, passion to serve, and desire to innovate, the business is continuously offering their handcrafted premium quality #FormoCharap drinks, with premium ingredients from different Taiwan suppliers for every #FormoChans to sip and enjoy.


To be the #1 sought after Milk Tea Shop in Baguio and all over the Philippines.


To provide high quality authentic Taiwan milktea with reasonable price. To serve people who loves to bond and enjoy their beverage in a relaxing environment .

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