BeauTEA LaBOBAtory Café Franchise Details

Franchise Fee : Php 250,000 – Café | Php 150,000 – Kiosk | Php 500,000 – Area
Initial Term : 5 years – Café | 4 years – Kiosk | 6 years – Area
Capital requirement : Php 1.2 Million – Café | Php 600,000 – Kiosk
Continuation Fee : Php 5,000 – Café | Php 4,000 – Kiosk | Php 3,000 per month & per outlet – Area
Space required : 6sqm minimum


About Us:

BeauTEA Café was established mainly to supplement the owners’ existing business, Charms Beauty Avenue, a premiere hair and nail salon in Tagbilaran City. It was initially created mainly to cater their salon’s clients, who most of the time requested food and beverage while having their services done.

Since the owners Charity and Grace have no background in the food and beverage business, they hired somebody to set-up and manage the business for them. Months in the operation, an unforeseen event happened and they were forced to close the café for a month.

The owners’ passion and determination to re-open the café led themselves to attend trainings and enrolled in short courses here and abroad just learn the “tricks of trade” of the café business specifically bubble tea – milk tea business. After months of formulating, product testing and improvements, they finally came up with their own unique formulation of boba milk tea.

Charity’s daughter conceptualized the theme- to make the café not just taste worthy but also Instagram worthy to market the millennials thus the BeauTEA LaBOBAtory Café – a science laboratory themed café where milk tea are served in Flasks, Beakers and Test tubes and baristas called ScienTEAsts.

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